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A 2-for-1 VPR Story - Starring April Saulnier

April Saulnier's Dog Training New Website

Being a resourceful and outgoing person, April knows when it's time to ask for help. Through the years we had the opportunity to help her other business, Howl A Day Inn Notre Dame, stand out with web and graphic design creations. This time around we got the opportunity to help her dog training & handling brand's visual identity.

Thanks to her new blog website, April shares her vast knowledge on our canine friends and offers genuine help through her Paws & Read blog posts - making it easy for everyone who enjoys learning about dogs to dig in and read on. The focus of the site's design is to create a pleasant experience while exploring its content; it is complemented with her logo, another Skyla creation.

We strive to provide a highly personalized experience for our clients, develop long-term professional relationships, and are committed to becoming a valuable partner as a dedicated visual brand identity advocate. We are happy to help April make a great impression, to stand out, and be remembered in today's fast-paced world while growing our valuable professional relationship (VPR).

The Elevator Pitch

If you are looking for professional dog training & handling services, you have sniffed out the right spot - April Saulnier's Dog Training!

With over 10 years of multi-method abilities experience and many professional canine related titles under her belt, April will teach you how to teach your dog to be a clever canine companion. Creating calm dogs in a crazy world.

Check out April Saulnier's Dog Training New Website!
Visit: www.aprilsaulnier.com

Key Features: Self-managed Blog, Responsive Design.

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