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Google Analytics - Max Account Limits Workaround


"Your request was refused."

When attempting to create a new account in Google Analytics.

If you have any decent amount of Analytics accounts created or access to, you may have seen this error or will in the future. Google Analytics, for reasons still unknown to us, places a max limit for how many accounts can be created (also properties/profiles/views, but these are less common to run into the limit)

The error after attempting to “create” the new account (right hand corner).

From the date this was posted the defaults limits seems to be:
  • Accounts : 25 Max
  • Properties: 50 Max
  • Profiles/Views: 50 Max
* Apparently, if you have a “Certified” account, the limits raise from 25 to 200.
Alternatively you can pay for Google Analytics Premium and have all limits removed. This is for an annual price tag of $150,000 (USD) though.

We will explain a work around to the account limits which will allow your main account to have (so far) unlimited amount of accounts to manage.

Before we start - A couple Analytics tips.

  • Each business/entity should have it’s own Google Analytics Account. We’ve encountered people who would set up one Analytics Account and create new Properties under that one account - This is not the proper way to do it. Access should be assigned at the account level instead of Properties.
  • When setting up Analytics, it is recommended you use the client or a new Google account to first create the Analytics account. Full access to this Google account should be given to the client and you should assign permission to your “Master” account so you can also access the data/codes.

    * This has been an ongoing issue, when clients separate from their web development team/firm, they are often stuck without access to past data or even worse the previous company decides to hold it “Hostage”. The data rights are to belong to the owner/client running the app or website.

Finally, the work around

You will simply need:
  1. A “Master” Google account - This will be used as your main account to access all accounts
  2. A “Test” Google account - This will be used to create and give access to your Master account
This is simple enough if you haven’t already figured it out, basically you need to use your “Test” account to first create the Analytics Account you want to add. Once the account is created you simply need to give full access to your “Master” account, then use the “Master” account to remove the “Test” account from the permissions list.
This will allow you to add and manage as many accounts as you want with your Master account, without needing to login back and forth through different accounts.

Once the access has switched from your “Test” account to your “Master” account, you can then use the “Master” account to also add full access to a customer Google Account.

From your “Test” account


Then from your “Master” account

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