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  • Last week was the launch of the Greater Moncton SPCA new Online Adoption Forms, which has already made potential adopters and the GMSPCA staff lives a lot easier. Why has it made the process for both the adopters and the staff more pleasant and effective you may ask. Well, let's review some of the benefits of online vs printed forms together. 

  • Some of the Benefits of Online vs Printed Forms

  • No Postage or Traveling Time Wasted
  • Why have someone look for that one last stamp lost somewhere in a desk drawer to send you the form you need from them, or worse have them waste their precious time traveling to your location to drop it off. Online Forms are submitted and received instantly and effortlessly.

  • No Printing Costs & Immediate Update Available
    Why waste costly ink to make multiple in-house copies, or pay to have them printed at a print shop, that will most likely end up in the trash because you need to make one small change making those copies obsolete. With web forms there's only one copy which can be updated at any time, eliminating delays in receiving and distributing new printed copies.

  • Get Result Sooner
    Why wait to receive the filled out questionnaire. We live in a fast pace world, in which people are always on the go. Adding one more step in the process, for them to drop off the printed documents, might result in them bringing it later whenever they find the opportunity to do so or simply forgetting about it. Get the results as soon as the form has been filled out with online forms, it does not get much faster than that.

  • No More Illegible Handwriting Headaches
    Why scratch your head trying to figure out what word that scribble is supposed to be. Such as with abstract art, where the meaning behind the painting is uncertain at times, the meaning of someone's poor handwriting can easily be misunderstood too. Online forms guarantee you'll be able to read each and every word, no more guessing games - hurrah!

  • As you can see, there are a lot of benefits to digitizing your Approval Application, Membership Registration, Quality Feedback Survey, and more. Would you like to save costs, be more environmentally friendly, and create a better experience for everyone? If yes, you should consider taking advantage of online forms.
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