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Domain Registration

Your domain name is the first thing people see when they find your website; your web address is the first impression about you or your organization.

Having the right domain name is critical to giving a positive first impression, no matter what your website does.

New TLD / Watchlist

New Domains. New Opportunities.

Starting 2013, new domain extensions, or TLDs, will change how the world uses the Web. People will have the option of choosing memorable and intuitive domain names specific to their online ventures. New TLDs help consumers know what to expect from the websites they visit, making it easier to find sites relevant to them.

Start thinking about where new TLDs will take you.

Build your watch list today!

Build Your Watchlist

New TLDs will redefine the Internet by giving you more choice and control over your online presence. You’ll no longer have to settle for a name just because it’s the only one available.

Track the proposed new TLDs and specific domain names that matter to you with Watchlist. We’ll keep you updated as your watchlist items get closer to release, so you can be first in line when they become available.

Use Watchlist to:

  • Receive instant updates on your list items
  • Participate in pre-launch phases like Sunrise & Landrush
  • Place domain orders from Watchlist
  • Submit items to Watchlist FREE with no commitment

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ID Protect

What is ID Protect?

ID Protect Icon
  • ID Protect is a service that hides your private information from being displayed publicly in a global database that is frequently used by spammers and data miners to bombard unprotected people with unsolicited advertisements and scams.
  • ID Protect can be used on any domain registration from one of the following TLDs: COM, NET, ORG, INFO, BIZ, PRO, TV, CC, ME, ASIA, CM
    *CA domains already have the option to Opt-out from displaying the WHOIS information.

Why is it necessary to add ID Protect to every domain I register?

  • Every domain registration is required to have accurate contact information (WHOIS data) associated with it. Data miners crawl the public WHOIS database for this information and sell it to marketing firms and advertising agencies, which can result in both spam and junk mail to your home. ID Protect hides your accurate contact information and stores it in a secure location, protecting your personal information without risking the suspension of the domain’s registration.

How does it work?

  • ID Protect takes your unprotected, personal information and shields it from the public so that they only see the anonymous information:
    ID Protect Example

What are the benefits of ID Protect?

  • Other WHOIS masking products only falsify your WHOIS records which can jeopardize your domain registration. ID Protect secures your private information by storing it in a trusted 3rd party data vault, and is completely compliant with ICANN (ICANN is the governing body of Internet rules and regulations).
  • ID Protect forwards legitimate emails to your real email address, but keeps spammers and data miners away. Without ID Protect, anyone can find your personal contact information including your home address. ID Protect hides this information while protecting your personal address from getting into the wrong hands.

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Business Listing

Boost your website’s hits with Business Listing. With Business Listing, in minutes you advance your search engine rank and list your website in a popular online directory viewed by thousands every day. Business Listing also provides a new traffic source by driving visitors to your website right from a Whois search.

Business Listing allows you to supply specific information about your business, domain name, website, or blog that visitors don’t find in the Whois. For example, you can post business hours, list brands you sell, or let people know that a domain is for sale. In contrast, most other registrars’ Whois shows only the contact information for the domain.

What is Business Listing?

Think of Business Listing as an advertising supplement to your search engine listing, and to your Whois.

When you purchase Business Listing, you can enter information about your business, merchandise, location, and hours. This information appears in the Business Listing online directory at www.whoisbusinesslistings.com. When internet users use the search engines to look up information related to your business, the search results will include your Business Listing.

Your Business Listing includes a link to your web site, and the content of your listing is optimized for search engines. Both improve your Website's search engine ranking.

In addition, for most domain names, we deliver your Business Listing content in your Whois results, giving customers another way to find you.

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