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Built on a cloud infrastructure with a network designed to offer top performance web hosting and redundant fiber optic technology, you will have peace of mind your website will be readily available for your visitors.

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Shared Web Hosting




2.5 GB Web Space
1 GB Shared Memory
20 Entry Processes
75% Core Access
Unlimited FTP, Emails, Databases & Domains

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5 GB Web Space
1.5 GB Shared Memory
30 Entry Processes
100% Core Access
Unlimited FTP, Emails, Databases & Domains

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7.5 GB Web Space
2 GB Shared Memory
40 Entry Processes
150% Core Access
Unlimited FTP, Emails, Databases & Domains

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All packages comes equipped with cPanel & Softaculous Auto-Installer

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How We Are Different

Skyla Hosting is a Canadian based hosting. We lease servers from data centers located in Canada that we fully manage. Since we have full control of the servers, instead of reselling hosting for other companies, we are able to monitor and take direct action whenever necessary to assure continuous availability and performance.

We build our hosting environment on a solid infrastructure, where downtimes are almost non existent and server maintenance have little to no impact. With a network built from the ground up to offer top performance web hosting, while also being backed by redundant fiber optic lines - you gain peace of mind your website will be readily available for your visitors.

Security is always on our mind; our hosting network employs industry leading technology to protect servers and websites from cyber attacks. Our shared hosting servers run several security measures like firewall protection and realtime file scanning to prevent website exploits - keeping you from being compromised.

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CloudLinux CloudLinux Logo

Skyla Hosting uses CloudLinux’s latest virtualization technologies to improve server stability and prevent downtime on our shared hosting servers.

Shared Hosting Challenges

A typical shared server hosts huge numbers of accounts that all use the same server resources. If one website uses too many resources, it can slow down or shutdown the server. This is common for shared hosting servers and happens for:

  • Traffic Spikes: a mention on a popular forum can send thousands of visitors to a website in minutes and overwhelm the server causing downtime.
  • Inefficient Coding: a single bug in one website’s code can use all CPU resources, no matter how powerful the server, and cause downtime.
  • Denial Of Service Attacks: hackers invade an insecure website and hog the server resources.

Skyla Hosting Solution

We eliminate these threats by using CloudLinux, an operating system specifically designed to address the weaknesses and risks associated with shared hosting.

CloudLinux uses innovative Lightweight Virtualization Environment (LVE) technology to create isolation between websites on a shared server. By containing each website, CloudLinux prevents each one from using more resources than allocated, making sure that one website cannot affect another.

CloudLinux gives you peace of mind that your website is protected from other sites on the same server.

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cPanel cPanel Logo

cPanel Preview ImagecPanel provides an intuitive interface to help website owners manage their sites. Professionals and novices alike love the power cPanel offers, including the ability to activate new web technologies with the click of a mouse. This allows anyone to meet the needs of today’s hosting customers with minimal effort.

cPanel simplifies tasks such as:

  • Uploading and managing web pages
  • Creating email accounts
  • Installing web-based applications such as blogs, shopping carts, and forums
  • Backing up data
  • Protecting a site’s content and bandwidth
  • Generating and viewing statistics about visitors
  • Reviewing error logs to locate broken links and other problems

For inexperienced hosting customers, cPanel includes a “Getting Started Wizard.” This wizard assists new website owners with configuring basic account settings. Additionally, context-sensitive video tutorials and on-screen documentation help to ensure that website owners will be able to easily use our software.

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Softaculous Auto-Installer Softaculous Logo

Your hosting account will come setup with Softaculous Auto-Installer which provide a list of scripts that are meant to make installing web applications as simple as a click of the mouse. Hundreds of popular apps like Wordpress, Drupal, Joomla! are available to you so you can take full control of your web presence. Softaculous also provides easy updates and backups for your applications and can even import your current one if you are transferring over to us.

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Dedicated Cloud Hosting

We also provide dedicated and VPS hosting servers, managed or unmanaged with either Linux or Windows OS.

Please contact us with your requirements so we can assess your needs.

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