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We Are Here to Help


Skyla Services is here to help and has been providing innovative solutions and creative ideas since March 2010.

We strive to build lifelong professional relationships with our clients and are dedicated at becoming a truly valuable partner.

Skyla Values: Respect, Professionalism, Honesty, Integrity, Creativity, Quality, Trustworthy, Philanthropy, Humility.


Skyla Services is based in Dieppe, New Brunswick, and serves businesses mainly in the Greater Moncton region, however we also work with clients from outside the area.

Originally, Skyla concentrated on helping small businesses and residential clients by servicing computers and networks. Skyla has since evolved into an online solutions and creative ideas provider. We continuously work toward staying ahead in the industry by seeking innovative ways to solve today’s challenges.

What does “Skyla” mean? Actually, the name is a combination of our pets’ names – Sky and Shyla. We strongly believe in the value that pets bring to our lives. The bonds they develop with their humans is the inspiration for our company values.

We are dedicated at becoming
a truly valuable partner.